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The language teaching is organized by Keiko Harada, the founder of the school. Mrs Keiko Harada and Mrs Michiko Sakaguchi mainly teach Non-Native classes. Classes for small children are currently taught by the school's other teachers; Mrs. Yoshiko Abe, Mrs Rie Wakayama, Mrs Fumi Band, and Mrs Satoko Nakatsukasa who all have excellent experience in teaching schoolchildren. Other teaching staff will be supporting the school according to the number of students.

Keiko Harada's Background : Born in Osaka, Keiko has been living in Oxford since 1996. She is a highly experienced teacher of Japanese language and literature at various educational institutions in Oxford. Keiko studied English literature and obtained Master's degrees at Osaka University and Kent University (U.K.). Before moving to Oxford, she taught English language and literature at universities in Japan for more than ten years. After moving to England, she studied Comparative Literature at SOAS (London), which led to another MA. She has the qualification of Japanese teacher authorized by the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language and administered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.
She is married, with three tri-lingual children. Her hobby is playing the Baroque violin.

Yoshiko Abe's Background : Born in London but identifies herself as 'Hamakko', i.e. a native of Yokohama. She has been living in England since 2006. After graduating from International Christian University, Tokyo, Yoshiko taught English at Japanese primary and secondary schools. I n England, while assisting at a nursery and a state primary school, she has also been busy teaching Japanese lessons on a private basis. Yoshiko obtained a qualification as a Japanese teacher and has been teaching at the Oxford Japanese School since 2011. She is married with three children. Her hobbies are piano and musicals. She sees every day as a challenge to find the best method of passing on Japanese to her children.

Miyuki Akiyoshi's background : Born in Niigata, Miyuki has been living in Oxford since 2010. She studied Japanese Literature at Sophia University and obtained an MA degree and a teacher's certificate (in Japanese) for secondary education (junior high school and high school). She also completed a Japanese teacher training course at the Sendagaya Institute of Japanese Education. After that, Miyuki lived in Seattle, where she worked as a classroom assistant at a Japanese school. Miyuki started teaching at the Oxford Japanese School since 2011 and has been in charge of primary and secondary school pupils. Miyuki is married and has one son. Her hobby is playing tennis and composing haiku.

Rie Wakayama's background : Born in Tokyo, after graduating from the Department of Commerce at Nihon University, Rie worked for a while at an investment bank, until she moved to England in 2004. She obtained a qualification as a Japanese teacher at the Institute of International Education in London. First in London and then in Scotland (for three years) and in Dorset (for six years), Rie gained a wide range of experience teaching Japanese at university and secondary school levels (for GCSE and A-level exams) and also on a private basis. She arrived in Oxford in 2015. Rie is married and has one daughter. Her hobbies are walking and cooking.

Michiko Sakaguchi's Background : Born in Shiga, Michiko has been living in England since 1996. Michiko studied English literature at Kansai University and obtained Master's degrees at Birmingham University. She has experience working in both private companies and schools in Japan and the UK. In Japan she taught English at a public middle school. In England she taught Japanese to adults, also to young students at a private boarding school for children aged 6-18. After moving to the UK, Michiko also supported Japanese students attending school in the UK to settle into their new life and studies. In 2015, she worked as an assistant at Oxford University language centre and since September 2016 is teaching the non-native learners class at Oxford Japanese School. During her spare time, Michiko enjoys gardening and listening to music.

Fumi Band's Background : Born in Yokohama, Fumi obtained her Masters in Translation studies and Humanities at the University of Warwick from 1999 to 2001. She then taught English in a private junior/high school in Japan. Moving back to the UK in 2004, she worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school in Liverpool. She has lived in Oxford since 2008. She volunteers as a reading assistant in a local primary school, and works as a translator and interpreter as well as teaching Japanese. She is interested in web development.