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Japanese classes for schoolchildren:

School children are divided, according to their level of Japanese, in small groups of 3~6 pupils. They start with Hiragana and Katakana, and move on to Kanji learning.

Kokugo textbooks (textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education) are used, and children will learn to write and read with reasonable speed and swiftness, while being encouraged to speak Japanese all the time.

The aim is to learn while having fun. Games, word games, poetry and audio materials help stimulate the children's imagination. More reading material will be provided to strengthen Kanji recognition.

Current time-tables are as follows.

Time A B
09:30-10:25 Non-Japanese

10:30-11:25 GCSE Level Japanese Y5 Non-Japanese
11:30-12:30 GCSE Level Non-Japanese Hiragana (beginner) Hiragana Non-Japanese Beginner
12:30-13:25 Non-Japanese Beginner Japanese Y3 (vol.2) Japanese Y3 (vol.1) Japanese Y2 (vol.1)
13:30-14:25 Japanese Y4 Japanese Y2 (vol.2) Japanese Y1 (vol.1) Japanese Y1 (vol.2)
14:30-15:25 Japanese Y7 Japanese Y2 (vol.1) A Level
15:30-16:25 Non-Japanese (tbc)
Note: This is only a guide to the classes on offer. Please get in touch with the school for more detailed information.