Welcome to Oxford Japanese School

Oxford Japanese School started in 1999 as a small group of children of Japanese heritage gathering in the sitting room of Ms Keiko Harada to learn Japanese language and culture. Lessons were for an hour on Saturdays during the school term time and centred around the reading and writing Japanese.

As years went by, the number of pupils grew steadily and new teachers joined in until it because necessary to move the classes to the premises of St Clare’s in 2008. The school now has nearly 70 pupils ranging from 5 (Year 1) to 18 years of age. The school now teaches children from a variety of backgrounds regardless of their cultural heritage and nationality and is a thriving community of families with shared interest in learning the language and culture of Japan.

The school was registered by the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in July 2019 and hence has formally become a charity organisation, having operated from the beginning as a non-profit organisation. From the beginning of the 2019/20, the school has been run by the Management Committee and governed by the Board of Trustees. This provides security for the school’s future. Ms Harada has retired from her position as headteacher, replaced by Ms Yoshiko Abe, and continues to support the school.

Oxford Japanese School is one of the oldest Japanese language schools in the UK. The school has embraced the challenging but worthwhile task of delivering effective lessons within classes with students of varying age, proficiency, and cultural background. All the while keeping the tuition fees as low as possible.